POLARISInternational Disaster Response Team

Our Capabilities

What Type of Medical Work Can Polaris do at a Disaster?

Polaris focuses on Basic Life Support (BLS) patient care, such as emergencies related to breathing, bleeding and trauma to the body. However, we do have members that are trained higher and can provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) patient care.

While not exhaustive, here is a list of some of the patient care we can provide to survivors:

BLS Patient Care:

  1. Patient assessment
  2. Supplemental oxygen
  3. Assisted ventilations
  4. OPA/NPA placement
  5. Supraglottic airway interventions
  6. Anaphylaxis treatment
  7. Asthma treatment
  8. Burn treatment
  9. Bleeding control & shock treatment
  10. Splinting broken bones and joints
  11. General trauma care:
    1. Contusions
    2. Abrasions
    3. Impalements (stabbings/gunshot wounds)
    4. Lacerations
    5. Tenderness & Swelling
  12. Spinal immobilization
  13. CPR

ALS Patient Care:

  1. Intubation
  2. IV fluids
  3. EKG monitoring
  4. Suturing
  5. Chest needle decompression
  6. Poison/Overdose treatment
  7. Medication administration
  8. Diabetic emergency treatment