POLARISInternational Disaster Response Team

Nepal Floods August 2017

Disaster Relief and Medical

Work done: Medical Checkups and Treatment
Time: August 2017
Location: Five villages including: Rampur Nepal, Kalerawa Nepal, Sukambasi Basti Nepal
Duration: 10 days
Members deployed: 15
Overall Total People helped from Health Camp: 3200
Total people receive the medical services from polaris Health Camp: 2800


The Municipality Office of Biratnager Nepal said: "Polaris is doing the best health camp program, and unlike any other health camp organizer who organize the health camp not well organized".


Just a few weeks before 2017’s Hurricane Harvey a catastrophic flood slammed several regions of Nepal.

The New York Times writes:

In Nepal, thousands of homes have been destroyed and dozens of people swept away. Elephants were pressed into service, wading through swirling waters to rescue people, and aid workers have built rafts from bamboo and banana leaves.

But many people are still missing, and some families have held last rites without their loved ones’ bodies being found.

“This is the severest flooding in a number of years,” Francis Markus, a spokesman for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, said by phone from Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital.

Nepal’s flooded areas are the poorest parts of the country, where most families live in bare mud houses and rely on subsistence farming, he said. Those farms are now underwater, and thousands of people are stuck living under plastic tarps in camps for displaced people where disease is beginning to spread.

Capital of Tripura State in India. Credit Arindam Dey/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Our Disaster Response

Luckily, Polaris had just formed its very first Polaris Regional Team in Nepal, just two months before. We had 25 volunteers put through a special First Responder training course for 4 days. They were trained by a doctor, the Nepal Police Force and Nepal Armed Forces. They were trained on emergency medical care and search & rescue.

Once the flooding occurred the Polaris Nepal-1 Team Captain, Binod Sharma dispatched 10 of his men along with a team of nurses and a doctor to go to the worst effected areas and set up medical clinics to provide medical care, as hospitals were out of commission.

Polaris toured the country, doing medical clinics in five villages: Rampur Nepal, Kalerawa Nepal, Sukambasi Basti Nepal.
Here is one of our Field Reports from 19 August 2017

The Gorkhali Polaris team started by visiting the Morang District as there were a huge number of flood-victims in need of medical care. As many as 1280 flood-survivors from the locality were benefited from the medical examinations conducted from August 19, in Rampur, Biratnagar. Gorkhali Polaris was first response team to provide response with medical facilities. All the food and properties were destroyed. At the time of the medical examinations there were cases of jaundice, diarrhea, fever, cough, common cold and nausea among other infections and ailments.

Medicines were also distributed free of cost to help cure the infection and ailments as well as to prevent an epidemic outbreak.

Water purifying drops and materials were also distributed to 76 households in Rampur the people came from 7 village.

Polaris checkup: Height Weight Check - BP Check- Doctor counselling - and distribute free medicine

Our Nepal team was deployed for ten days and were able to provide medical assistance to 2800 people.


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Doctor dalking with Nurse
Dr writing prescription due to affected by water diseases
Local people gathering for medical response
Old women checking her health in polaris response center
Old women participate in health checkup
People gathering in Polaris Medical Response
Polaris and Nepal Scout Morant work together in Disaster Response Program
Polaris checking his blood pressure
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